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Providing a Tree Guard for your Street Tree

Metal tree guard

Tree guards are fence-like structures placed around tree beds to protect trees and surrounding plants from damage, soil compaction, and pets. They also personalize and beautify tree beds, making them attractive additions to your community! Although MillionTreesNYC does not supply tree guards, residents can install them using a few simple guidelines:

Mazzone tree guard

The NYC Tree Trust accepts donations to fund the installation of decorative tree guards. Please see our Tree Guard Donation Table (PDF) for a list of designs and associated costs. For more information and to find out how to donate towards the NYC Tree Trust, please contact MillionTreesNYC at

Additional Resources

Tree steward Tom Mazzone has provided comprehensive instructions for designing a low-cost tree guard as well (you can see a finished version in the image to the right). Please see Mazzone Tree Guard Design (PDF) for further details.

NYC Parks Foresters have also created low-cost tree guard templates which conform to official design specifications. Check out the simple instructions on how to Build Your Own Low-Cost Tree Guard (PDF).

We welcome creative ideas for tree guard designs! Please email us at or for questions regarding guards for street trees or to submit a template to post on our website.

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